Day: October 8, 2018

Glass fencing Sydney – Useful Info

Glass fencing is one of the most beautiful accents to add to a home and they provide excellent see-through capabilities. They can be as low as 3-4 feet and as high as 7 feet. It is rare to see products available any higher due to the thickness and weight of the glass. In fact, larger sizes would be a challenge to handle and install. There are many different uses for glass fencing and a few styles to choose from. They are custom made from the fencing manufacturer so sizes are not restricted to pre-made options. Get more informations of  glass fencing Sydney

Pool Area Fencing
Pools always look better with fencing in general, but a glass fence enhances the area. Some local zones require specific types of fences while others may not require anything. But for those areas that permit glass fencing, it is a prime option. However, it should be distant from the pool so nobody runs into it. It is commonly used in the yard a few feet away from the pool patio or if the patio area is huge, it is often on one side to accent the area.

Patio Fencing
Patios are a nice place to relax or welcome visitors. It usually needs some enhancements to make it more comforting and appealing. A glass fence is a nice addition and is usually on one or two sides to accent the location a bit. It may be placed along the back edge of a patio or run around a corner. In many cases, the fence is within the patio area somewhere and simply adds a fashionable look, whether by being a simple stretch of fencing or a ninety degree angle installation. Most fencing manufacturers install their products too so it is easy to get everything that is needed from one source.

Outdoor Dining Area Fences
For areas outside that have tables and chairs, glass fencing is a fabulous addition that makes the space stand out and look fun. Glass fences are typically installed alongside the edges of the dining area or are centralized in a particular spot to use as décor. Fencing manufacturers can provide options like glass etching, odd shapes, etc. to make the fence look more appealing. Sometimes, the fence is used as an entrance to the dining area. It makes it fun to walk through and go sit at the table of choice.